Thema Band


Lead Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar

I was born on 13/06/1989 in Milan.
I began singing at the age of four, since the first Christmas I remember. Music has always been a protagonist in our home: my father was addicted to rock and my mother is a singer. I still remember blissfully the nights were spent making music together, and it was probably in those moments that my mother realised how special my voice was. After my father’s untimely death, the legacy of his music penetrated me and suddenly became as essential as air.
At the age of 14 I began to play – first alone, then with a band – dreaming, perhaps naively, of making everybody hear my music.
During my youth, I studied and professionally practiced Latin dance and hip-hop. I started playing guitar and piano, and at the age of 15 I wrote my first song. Basically, everything related to music has always belonged to me.
I spend most of my day working hard in a company, but when I come back home my first concern is singing, writing, playing, and devouring books.
Last but not least, the THEMA… we hope to one day write many pages of us – us guys, us musicians, us dreamers – deeply different but united by the same thing: music, now and forever music.

Luca Ferrara

drums, percussion and vocals

I was born on October 8, 1995 in Milan. I discovered music at the age of 7, thanks to a special gift from my parents: a little drum. Since that moment, my precious instrument piqued my curiosity and I discovered my passion for music grew each day. My desire to improve led me to take drum lessons at the age of 10. Right from the start, I was performing live with various groups.
After graduating from high school, i chose to pursue a degree in Economics at the University.
Alongside music I am developing my passion for sports, boxing in particular, because I’m fascinated by the energy and the verve that these two disciplines give me.
In 2013, thanks to a meeting with Thomas and Mattia, a new project was born… Thema…
…The best is yet to come…

Mattia Missaglia


I was born in Monza on 18/04/1994 and I grew up in Brugherio.
My first exposure to music goes back to middle school, in where I learned to play trumpet. Throughout my adolescence I discovered the bass guitar and I started experiencing my first live shows with classmates.
Music is the only art that gives an absolute meaning to words. Curiosity towards it led me to explore the wide world of sounds, broadening my skills as a sound engineer and gaining knowledge and experience.
During my free time, I love to spend time playing any musical instrument. I’ve had many interests in life, but surely my dedication to music has taken precedence over anything else. With Thema I’ve found my perfect harmony, so… “I turn on the imagination”.

Stefano Parmigiani

guitars, vocals

I was born on December 16, 1989, in Cuggiono, a little town near Milan.
I spontaneously started singing from an early age, and my parents made me notice how naturally singing came to me.
When I was 8, I fell in love with the sound of the guitar: so began my musical journey, playing in some groups and singing competition. In one of these last ones, Thomas notice me. I could never have imagined that soon after I would participated in this project with Thema!
Passion for music has always gone together with passion for sport, in fact I practise a martial art called Nippon Kempo.
I love music, I love to communicate, I love to move myself and to move people. That’s my ultimate goal.
Rock and love!!





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