Thema Band

The “Thema” band is made up of Thomas Moschen (lead vocals, piano, acoustic guitar), Stefano Parmigiani (guitars, vocals), Mattia Missaglia (bass), Luca Ferrara (drums, percussion and vocals).

The band was originally formed in 2013 after a chance encounter in Milan, when Luca and Mattia noticed Thomas during one of his shows. Since the beginning they felt perfectly in sync, so they started putting Thomas’ ideas into music. Soon after, the line-up was rounded out by Stefano .

Their sound is a mix of pop/rock and electronic music, inspired by various musical influences that each component has experienced in their professional activities. In 2016, thanks to a meeting with producer Vladi Tosetto and his collaborator Mamo Belleno, they are now working on their first album.

“And now… Let’s turn on imagination”





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